18 June 2024 Tuesday


The center of my works is rural area sensitivity.

Because problem of rural is the most important problem of all us. Because problems in rural makes life difficult, reflects in country, industry, production, national economy; after a certaion point it effects to global economy

Once we got to the difference in this chain, we actually see that much easier to solve problems at the source.

With most of the people living in rural agriculture, animal husbandry and dealing have been neglected for many years, unfortunately, efficiency and profitability have fallen, have no chance to compete with the level of production of farmers abroad.

Not get caught in the efficiency of agricultural production, they have abandoned agricultural production and the way the city had held ...

Here's the problem starts right here:

  • Harder to reach healthy and cheap food,
  • Who ones coming from rural to city becomes common to comfort of city people but unprepared city becomes uninhabitable,
  • City wall (suburbs to) settled villagers aside to get used to the city, trying to live the traditions of the villages in the city, so what they're peasants nor urban
  • Economic difficulties starts and problems appear to village families that easily self-contained and then:
    • Female violence,
    • to increase in child labor,
    • to begin to interfere with a criminal organization...

The remaining cases in the village:

  • Being away from develop itself while agricultural production; productivity and profitability declined situation,
  • Village to urban migration has increased in the prices of labor in the rural situation in which much reduces the profitability,
  • Agricultural producers usually are not sensitive to "environmental problems". They easily pollute our soil and waste water then endanger the future of the world.


The solution is not as difficult as it may seem!

Projects in rural areas will be increased profitability and efficiency in agricultural production and not as difficult as it may seem to resolving the problems we remembered above.

If we notice a problem-solving is our responsibility. 

We hit the road as saying must produce result-oriented solutions!